Hanging Tree

Mystery Bus Trip

Heavens to Elizabeth

Hanging Tree have been together for 13 years They have released five albums 1989 "Rope Burn "

1990 " Far side of crazy" { We still have a few left } 1991 Live on Twink and Real New Zeal{ as these albums weren't released by us we are unable to sell them .

The latest is " Strings for Puppets " six songs of which the two samples where released onto " White bread and jam "

In their 13 years they have toured throughout New Zealand but have kept a low profile which I might add is easy to do from Napier. However they are very active with running the studio, Hanging Tree Records, the local student magazine S.A.Y and a teenage venue called The State Of It. As you can see there's little time to play these days.

Hanging Tree started out as a punk band back in 1984 and slowly progressed into what you hear today. " We're coming from a spooky kind of smoke shop " , " Better still, an Avant Grade Cabaret ".

With a strong underground base they are quite happy to hang around the house and get on with the business.

With a bit of luck and plenty of hard work it should pay off ?

If you would like to talk to the band please email them at hangingtree@xtra.co.nz