Big Blue Blanket have recorded and released a live to D.A.T, tape

This Tape has 6 songs.

They also feature on the CD compilation

"White Bread and Jam "

They also have their own CD called

"Every Time You Smile

As it wasn't recorded at Hanging Tree Records we haven't got a sample ……but you can order it from here .

It costs $10 American $20 NZ

The Tape "Time Of The Day"

Costs $5 American $10 NZ


Please write which recording you want

Send Money order to

Hanging Tree Records

4 Rose st


Rerecorded at low res for speed

not for sound

These are samples from the tracks

featured on "White Bread and Jam"

New Deal Click to listen

Run for the door Click to listen

If you would like to Contact BBB please feel free to email

and we will forward all mail


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